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1.2 MILLION dollars has been donated to SickKids Hospital from our many Events over the last 14 years


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What Clients are Saying about  Carpe Diem Fitness & Wellness

Karen's personal training has trasformed me both physically and mentally.  Her motivation and guidance has been the paramount reason for my weightloss, lowereing of my Blood Pressure and maintenance of my diabetes.  The first time I missed a PT session, she called me until I answered my phone.  She made me responsible for my health and NEVER gave up on me!  FOR THAT I am grateful!

Bonnie D


Four years later and a Carpe Diem POW workout can still make my inner thighs burn …..It is the constant challenge and the ever changing workouts that Carpe Diem delivers which makes me come back week after week… As we individually progress Karen ensures the workouts progress with us. Since joining Carpe Diem, I have successfully managed my stressful life, increased my self confidence, built new friendships and become healthier then ever before. It is both Karen's motivation and inspiration and support from the Carpe Diem family that has allowed me to complete duathlons, triathlons and many many personal bests in running events…. From the bottom of my healthy heart I thank you!



Surprisingly challenging!  Amazing core and strength work out, but fun at the same time.       I Love how you are always at the front of new trends for us.   Even after 2 years and taking 2 to 3 classes a week,  I have never had the same  work out twice.


I'm thrilled to have been working out at Carpe Diem Fitness  , Spinning, Pilates and POW classes for going on 5 yrs.  I've been taking Karen's POW classes since early Sept 2005.  I have to say between Cycle Fit and POW my body has made some serious transformations.  Not without alot of hard work and dedication to my health. 
The day to day stresses of work and family can become a hazard to your health if not kept in check.  I try to always make a point of making time for me,  to get my workouts in.  It keeps my mind clear and gives me that extra boost of energy for the day!!!
 Mississauga Ont
 I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

Thanks for making me feel great!

Lisa T.